We founded Keeps for one reason:
to help more men keep more hair.


Keep your hair, keep your confidence.

If you've gone from barely noticing your hairline to obsessing over it every day, you know better than anyone: Losing your hair sucks. At Keeps, we get it, too. Keeps was founded in 2018 by two longtime friends — Steve Gutentag and Demetri Karagas — who struggled to find a good solution to their own hair loss. Rather than accept that there was no good way to treat their own hair loss, they created Keeps — the most affordable way for guys across the country to get an expert-backed hair loss treatment plan. Since then, we've helped hundreds of thousands of guys get their hair and confidence back.

Today, Keeps is a first-class healthcare experience, offering access to the top experts and treatments in a way that's both simple and affordable. We built Keeps because we want you—not your genetics—to decide what happens on your head.

Steve Gutentag and Demetri Karagas,
Keeps co-founders


Simplicity and ease

Keeps is designed for guys like Steve and Demetri - guys who want to stop hair loss and then get back to their lives. That's why we created the first simple, modern solution focused on making it easier and more affordable for men to take action and keep their hair. No jargon. No hoops to jump through. No skeevy before and after shots.

Finding the right treatment for you

Whether it's laser helmets (yes, they exist) or gummy vitamins, there's a lot of stuff on the market that doesn't work and plays into guys' worst insecurities. We only sell products proven to work (and approved by the FDA) and partners with top doctors who review each and every case to make sure you're getting exactly what get you need, and nothing you don't.

Keeping it high-quality and low-cost

You shouldn't have to go broke to avoid going bald. By building our own supply chain and selling directly to you, we can provide the highest quality of care while offering treatments that are half the price you would pay at your local pharmacy.


Mark Jance


Kristin Watson



Choose the doctor-recommended treatment plan that's right for you, at half the cost of your local pharmacy.